Engineered Parquet

Laminated Parquet is a long-lasting and decorative flooring product, the raw material of which is all or part of natural wood, manufactured by gluing 2 or 3 layers together and using qualified wood in the top layer.

In the middle layer, natural wood can be used as well as HDF. HDF stands for high density fiboboard, it is a man-made composite panel product made of compressed wood fiber. It is more resistant to water and moisture than all natural products; Especially in floating system floors, due to the heavy material, it sits better on the floor and is better acoustically. It does not work like natural materials. Laminated Flooring types can be used with 3 layers and 2 layers. In both varieties, the top layer consists of valuable wood. The tree itself is found directly. When the floor is laid, only this layer is visible and skin contact is provided. The middle layer can consist of softwood or can consist of HDF. The lower layer consists of softwood. In 2-layer laminated parquet, the valuable wood layer is combined with plywood of appropriate thickness. Generally, any low-value wood or plywood is used in the substrate. Two-layer laminated parquets are more flexible than three-layer laminated parquets. Products with HDF or plywood are especially preferred in underfloor heating environments.

Laminated parquets are increasingly used for decorative purposes not only on floors but also in different areas with their shape closer to nature.

Laminated parquets are products that can be affected by water and moisture. In a way, these 2 factors are the enemy of laminate. Therefore, the task of the middle layer is very important. Especially HDF and Plywood product is relatively more resistant to a standard intermediate layer (hornbeam etc.).


Why Laminated Flooring?

Laminated flooring is not just appearance, they are natural products. Laminate flooring is produced in the simplest way, by printing the papers that are dyed with the printing method and given the desired pattern by hot press method, and then glued to the boards with different adhesive types. So they are not natural. In laminated parquet, you can feel the warmth of the real tree. It gives a natural atmosphere to the environment. It does not contain dust. It is easy to clean. It is an indispensable part of decoration because of its different colors and options. Scraper and polish can be made. It is long-lasting with good care. Acoustically good. It is easy to install and installed quickly. It is suitable for heated floors. When the laying process is finished, it allows you to immediately place your belongings and sit down. It does not require scraper and polish after the first laying, but can be scrapped many times like solid parquet. Laminated flooring comes out of the packages as finished and ready to use. It also provides a comfortable environment acoustically by absorbing high frequency sounds. As valuable trees, which are gradually decreasing in nature, are used only at the top, they are environment friendly. Laminated floors do not contain germs and bacteria and do not create an electrostatic environment.


What should be considered when choosing Laminate Flooring?

Parquet, which provides the integrity of the space and is a decorative part, creates a feeling of completion and a warm environment in the house. For this reason, details such as material, color, dimensions and tree types are important for the long-term use of the parquets.

Size Selection

In order for the flooring to show itself in visually large spaces, wider and longer products should be preferred. In order for the product to show itself, large square meters should be sought for hungarian and herringbone products.

Color Choice

It would be appropriate to choose open products in small places without sunlight. In addition, the coating or fabric colors of the furniture you will use are elements that can affect the wall paint, parquet color. It is necessary to pay attention to the harmony between them. If your home is very light, you can choose dark parquet. Dark color causes the space to be perceived smaller and lighter than it is.

Chamfer Status

Although the chamfer between the parquets creates visual awareness; It should not be forgotten that in case of excessive chamfering, these areas may get dirty and dust over time.

Grading Selection

Natural formations such as knots and bird eyes can add a different atmosphere to your home. It creates a different environment especially in dark colors. They stand out more in light colored parquets. Color differences and black veins are seen in rustic products. The choice is entirely up to your taste.


Laminate Flooring Application

Parquets are laid in 2 ways as a floating or adhesive system. In the floating system, the parquets are glued together or clicked. In the bonding system, it is also glued to the ground with glue. Not feeling the flexibility and acoustic bonding is more successful. However, the use of HDF or Plywood in BVT products and the relatively heavier material make the floating system more successful.

Before laying the parquets, it is necessary to check the condition of the screed. In short, the screed should be properly laid. Indented, dimpled, poor quality screed will also be a problem for parquet. The floor level where the parquet will be laid should be the same at all points, and the holes and bumps should be corrected. This will allow the flooring to create a flat appearance. Before laying the parquet, all the plumbing of the building should be checked and precautions should be taken to prevent damage to the parquets in case of any leakage.

It is important in terms of isolation and acoustics that under-parquet mattress parquet has been used for years. It has functions such as reducing footfall in the space and going to the lower floor, providing resistance against pressure, covering screed faults, protecting from moisture, and heat insulation.

The joints of the parquets, the polish, the glue that connects the layers, the color harmony are very important. There should be no millimeter difference between the parquets. Otherwise, problems such as nail making will be encountered.

At the bottom of the wall, a gap of about 1 cm is left. The reason for this is that laminates will be able to work. These gaps are covered with baseboards. It is generally laid parallel to the long side and perpendicular to the light. It may vary depending on the architecture of the house.

Parquet selection is also important in places with underfloor heating. It must be a product that is resistant to the difference between hot and cold, not damaged by expansion, and transmits heat quickly. Especially HDF and Plywood products are very successful in this regard.


Laminate Parquet Repair

Scraper-polish in the repair of parquets; correction with a retouching pen; Options such as local change are available. Scraper means sanding. It is applied as a result of the parquet getting away from its first appearance due to the increase in cases such as damage, scratching, and collapsing. Although the complete repair looks like new, there are also disadvantages. There are situations such as emptying the space, dust coming out during sanding, loss of brushing on parquet, removal of UV Homogeneous polish, cost.

Retouching pens and polish can be used for superficial scratches. If there are deep scratches and pits on a few parquet, but not in the whole room, local changes can be made. However, for this, it will be appropriate to take a few square meters of product in the first purchase.

Swelling is also one of the most annoying issues. First of all, it is necessary to remove all kinds of water and moisture that cause swelling from the environment. Plumbing pipes should be checked and necessary measures should be taken. In excessive swelling, the parquet should be changed completely. Before the parquets are laid, the floor must be checked with a moisture meter. Flooring should not be done in places with high humidity.


Laminate Parquet Care

Maintenance of laminated parquets is also very important. First of all, dust and stains should be removed with a dry cloth. It should be protected from moisture and water. It should not be walked on with high heels. Products such as felt should be used under furniture; heavy materials should not be pulled. If there is water on it, it should be taken immediately. Solvent cleaners containing ammonia should not be used. The humidity in the room should be between 30-60%. Wood cleaner products should be used.


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Surface Brushed Surface - It is a brushing process applied to the surface to highlight the natural structure of the wood. In the process where matte polish is used, deep brushing can be done optionally.


Polished Finish - It is the protective layer applied to the top layer of the tree against moisture, dirt and scratches.


Oily Finish - It is the finish that preserves the natural appearance of the tree and makes its texture feel.


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