PVC Tile

The second most commonly used plastic in the world is the vinyl PVC coating. It is a plastic based material made of petrochemicals. Numerous colors, patterns, and varieties. It can continue its color and original appearance even for years with routine maintenance. Non-slip, antistatic, asbestos-free, non-corrosive, anti-bacterial, non-flammable, thermal insulation, health-friendly, solvent-free, sound absorbing property and does not require a polish is a floor covering. Vinyl, which is a very flexible material used in tile or sheet form; granite, concrete, ceramic and parquet because of its appearance as a durable material preferred by many decorators and architects.

Scope of application

Health: Hospitals, Clinics, Care and Retirement Homes, etc.
Education: Primary and secondary schools, Universities, Kindergartens, Colleges, Education centers and guest houses
Public Areas: Shopping and Entertainment Centers, Fairs, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Hotels and Hostels, Workplaces, Institutes, Libraries, etc.