Portable A3 System

Portable A3 System

Marka: Junckers

The solid floorboards are preassembled into light weightpanels and laid floating on an underlay of foam. Each panelis easily locked securely into position with a premountedassembling fitting. Lengthwise the panels have a tongue and groove connection and at ends the panels are joined using loose tongues.

For faster and more flexible installation ask for Junckers center row, that makes two way installation possible.

The intermediate layer of 10mm foam is required to provide correct shock absorption and resilience.

A supporting and protecting edge reducer forms a strong edge for the perimeter of the floor.

Junckers’ specially designed storage carts make storage andtransportation of the panels easy.


Area elastic according to EN 14904 class A3

Temporary use, sport and non-sporting events
Installation over ice-rinks possible
Standard Performance sport

Floorboard type
Prefinished 22mm 2-strip solid hardwood parquet

Panel size
1/1 panel 0.96 m² - 1/2 panel 0.46 m²

Panel weight
1/1 panel 15 kgs - 1/2 panel 7.5 kgs

Floating floor system

10mm SportsFoam

Required subfloor

Construction height

Sanding and re-sealing
Yes to bare wood (8-10 times)

Suitable for under floor heating